Traffic tickets can cause you the following problems:

1) Insurance increases from 45% to 400% depending on the charge!

2) Points on your Driver's License!

3) Possible revocation or suspension of your Driver's License!

4) Time missed from work, school or other activities due to Court appearances!

5) Possible missed time and expense due to having to attend Safe Driving School!

6) Possible Employment Problems if your job depends on a clean driving record!

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  • BETTER RESULTS:  It is more likely that our law firm can obtain a better outcome than if you represent yourself in Court or 'pay off' your Ticket. Also, our firm will provide you with all options available to you. As well, paying off some speeding tickets will result in an automatic suspension of your license!
  • NO COURT APPEARANCE:  We can handle most Traffic Tickets without you having to waste time appearing in Court and standing in multiple lines.
  • NO DRIVING SCHOOL:   We can handle most Traffic Tickets without you having to pay for and attend Driving School.
  • AVOID INSURANCE INCREASES:  We can generally take care of your case in a way that will NOT result in an insurance increase. If your case is not handled properly, you could see an insurance increase of 45% or more over the next 3 years.
  • AVOID LICENSE POINTS/ SUSPENSIONS:  We can generally take care of your case so that you will NOT have license points or a suspension.
  • FLEXIBLE PAYMENT PLANS:  The Court and some other law firms only accept payment in full. Our firm has flexible payment plans so that if needed, you can make payments over several months that fit your budget.


1) A copy of your TRAFFIC TICKET (If you have lost your copy- don't worry we can get a copy form the Court).

2)  A signed WAIVER OF APPEARANCESimply read the Waiver then sign and date in the shaded areas at the bottom.  You can get the Waiver back to us by:

  1. Bringing it to our office in person if you are in the Thomasville, NC area or
  2. Faxing to: (336) 464-2885 or
  3. Scanning and sending as an email attachment to:

3)  PAYMENT  of the quoted fee. We accept the following methods of payment and we do have Flexible Payment Plans available if needed:

  1. CASH (at our office) if you are in the local Thomasville, NC area, or
  2. PERSONAL / CASHIERS CHECKS, MONEY ORDERS made payable to The Law Office of Selena Lackey and dropped off at our office or mailed to 25 W. Guilford St., Thomasville, NC 27360 or
  3. CREDIT/DEBIT CARD: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express either: 1) at our office or 2) by phone at (336) 475-4710 or 3) here on our secure website. We also can send you a secured link via email to pay by credit/debit card.

Depending on what you are charged with and your past driving record, most clients can benefit from one of the following options:

1) Dismissal: This is obviously always the best option! For certain Traffic Tickets, w can request that they be dismissed. For example: charges of Failure to Reduce Speed; Expired Registration / Tags; No Operators License and No Insurance can often be dismissed and should generally never be 'paid off.' Also, most charges in which an accident was involved may often be dismissed.

2) A reduction to Improper Equipment: This is a non-moving violation that will cause no insurance increase or license points. Generally speaking, this will be the best choice for most people charged with speeding (up to certain speeds) and other minor traffic violations- especially if you are licensed out of state or have a CDL license.

3) A reduction to a lesser speed or lesser offense: This option, if done properly, will generally result in no insurance increase or license suspension. However, DMV will often access license points. For most drivers, license points are of no concern unless you accumulate enough points to merit a suspension. However, if for employment or other reasons, you need to have a 'clean' driving record with no license points, then this may not be the best option.

4) A prayer for judgment continued or PJC: This is relief that comes directly from a Judge and results in no conviction and will cause no insurance increase or license points. It is most useful in situations where it is important that you not be 'convicted' of a traffic ticket, such as for employment purposes where a 'clean' driving record is required. While this option is attractive because it is often substantially cheaper and may save you some money, it is important that you realize that only one PJC will effective for insurance purposes during any 3 year period and per insurance policy - meaning that once used, neither you nor any of the drivers on your insurance policy should use another PJC within the 3 year period. If you or another driver on your insurance policy uses another PJC within the 3 year period, you will most likely see an insurance increase - possibly based on all tickets that have a PJC attached to them. Also, this option is completely ineffective if you have a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or you were originally charged with a speed greater than 25 mph over the speed limit. Generally speaking, this option is best for people licensed in North Carolina, who get traffic tickets very rarely and for who cost and / or license points are a factor. Otherwise, you may want to consider saving this option for a more serious traffic violation or until it is clearly needed.

To retain our firm, simply call us at (336) 475-4710. We will discuss your options for taking care of your case and quote you the appropriate fee. you can then relax and put your traffic ticket out of your mind while we will take care of everything for you. Or you can fill out our online traffic ticket intake form below and get started IMMEDIATELY!!!